I Hope You Know

From the moment I had that strange nauseated feeling, I knew my world was going to change.

The first time I felt a flutter in my stomach, I knew God had given me a special gift to grow a human.The first time I saw you on the screen, it took my breath away.

I was so afraid and in love at the same time.The moment I heard you cry, I felt my heart beat in a whole new way. I knew you were here and my whole life would be spent doing everything I could to make you feel loved.

The first time I had to spank your little butt, I cried privately probably harder than you did.

The first time you were physically injured, I could feel the pain as if it was my own. If I could have traded places with you, I would have done so without any hesitation at all.

The first time you had your heart broken, I silently wanted to throttle another child, but instead I hope I made you feel like you were loved in spite of the heart break.

The first time you broke my heart, I fell to pieces in my room. The first time I broke your heart, I wished I could take it all back and be perfect for you.

The first time I realized that this would be my last time rocking you, nursing you, holding your hand, I wish I would have held on just a little longer, because it all went by too fast.

You are loved, not because you are perfect, not because you behave a certain way, not because you are exactly the way I imagined you would turn out, but simply because you are.

You are human, you are alive, you are my child and no matter how life turns out for any of us, I have been so blessed to be your mom.

I was given so many good memories with each of you and I would not trade one moment of those for anything in this world.

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