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Susan DuBois

BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach


I have been a registered nurse for 21 years. For the duration of my nursing career, I have chosen to work with those who have chronic illness. It has been my experience the longer you interact with someone, the more positive impact you may have.

I have been interested in mental health for many years. In the last 10 years, I have seen how untreated mental health conditions and substance misuse can overlap. As I began to search for resources, I found one thing that was consistently missing: Support for families.

As a member of a small community that has been touch by the opioid epidemic and substance use crisis, I am dedicated to making a change. I currently own Serenity Family Recovery. We provide education and support to families who have a loved one struggling with substance use disorder. I also provide classes to communities and work with treatment facilities to help educate their client’s families. I am enthusiastic about collaborating with other professionals to build a network of trustworthy, effective resources for families.

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