Our Story

Helping families find peace in the chaos of addiction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help families find peace in the chaos that addiction can bring in to their lives. We know substance use disorder does not come with an instruction guide, but healing can. We provide a curriculum based program to help you navigate the recovery process. We provide support so you do not have to walk this road alone. Our program includes a transformational course to help you communicate with your loved one in a way that is loving and powerful. We believe addiction is treatable and you are your loved ones best chance at finding recovery.

Our History

Having grown up in the “Just Say No” era, I felt very secure in my ability to know about and refrain from using drugs. I had a set belief on the kind of people who were affected by alcohol and other substances. In the late 90s and early 2000s, I began to see things differently. I noticed a pattern occurring with people whom I loved dearly. I saw teens and young adults from “good families” struggling with substance use.

In 2009, I lost my brother to a fatal overdose. My view on substances and the use of them started to shift. Time went on and I realized that nearly everyone I talked to was being affected by a loved ones excessive alcohol use or illicit drug use. At this time, I realized these people being placed in my life was not a coincidence. I believe other humans are put in our path to show us what our purpose is.

I began to help people find resources by reaching out to anyone who would listen to me. I found that it was very difficult to find help for the person struggling and nearly impossible to find help for the families who loved them. This led me to the BALM Training Institute. I was able to complete my certification to teach courses in communities to help families learn about the addictive process and their role in recovery.

I continued on with my education and began to work with individual families through family recovery life coaching and education. I found that households began to find peace and family relationships were restored. It was through this awareness that the idea for a local family recovery business was born.

Serenity Family Recovery focuses on walking alongside families on their journey to recovery. We provide education to groups via zoom classes to introduce them to the principles of BALM. We provide a comprehensive family recovery program that includes group coaching, education from professionals, journaling, meditation and weekly lessons. We provide individual family recovery coaching and have coaches available throughout the country. We believe recovery is possible, we strive to break the stigma that prevents people from seeking early intervention. Lastly, our goal is to collaborate with reputable professionals to provide a quality continuum of care to the families we serve.

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