BALM® Comprehensive

Many families believe if their loved one would just go to treatment, everything will change. If they have finally agreed to go, you may be wondering now what?

When families learn the Be A Loving Mirror method, they learn how to advocate for continued sobriety to their loved ones and treatment professionals. In addition, they find peace and healing for themselves also.

The Be A Loving Mirror method teaches families:

• To break down barriers by erasing judgements

• Ways to stay calm even if their loved one is upset

• How to get peace back in their home

• How to find inner peace and joy again

• How to enjoy their life, even if their loved one isn’t sober.

Learning to Be a Loving Mirror can interrupt the repetitive cycle of chaos and restore calm to your life.

• Parents, Grandparents, Spouses of persons in a treatment facility.

• Families of those still struggling with an active addiction.

• Parents who have an adult child who has completed treatment and is now in a sober living environment.

• Families who have a loved one in prison with a substance use disorder.

• Anyone who loves someone who has an addiction, whether or not they are in recovery.

This program is built on 3 powerful pillars: Information, Transformation and Support.

Information: The foundation of the program is the 12 Principles of Family Recovery. Each week you will learn one of these powerful principles to set the foundation for recovery in your family. You may attend a live lesson, use your workbook to further your understanding and hear an expert each week speak about how the principles can help during your family’s recovery journey. If you are unable to make it for the live class, there are over 500 recordings to help you learn about the 12 Principles of Family Recovery.

Transformation: Inside the BALM program you will attend a special 8 week class called the 7 Steps to BALM. This course will teach you step by step how to communicate with your loved one in a new way. Most families will agree that communication with someone in active addiction is very difficult. We have broken each step down into one step a week, you will be paired with another family to practice the skills you are learning (if you choose). Learning these small changes weekly and practicing them empowers families to communicate with their loved ones even in those chaotic, difficult times.

Support: The BALM comprehensive program offers many levels of support. You will have support from other family members during your courses. You will receive support from instructors as you are listening to lessons on the 12 principles and the 7 steps. There are 2 group coaching gatherings each week, where you can bring an issue to a BALM family recovery coach and they can help you apply the things you are learning to your own situation. Finally, you can add private coaching on to your comprehensive program to create your own package of support that fits your family’s needs.

Are you ready for change?

Unsure what your needs are?

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