I Cried

I cried multiple times, because of the way my daughter was treated in the hospital.

She was treated like an expecting mother: I cried.

She was treated with honesty and respect: I cried.

My daughter was praised for her sobriety and encouraged to continue: I cried.

My beautiful girl was educated about a parents in recovery group: I cried.

A recovery nurse spent an hour talking with my daughter and her partner: I cried.

A pediatrician went above and beyond to make sure mom and dad were comfortable

In newborn care and also in their plan for continued recovery: I cried.

I had the honor of being blessed with a beautiful, healthy grand-baby: I cried.

I went in to this with my guard up, expecting to break out my momma bear claws.

I was prepared to stand up for these two brave young adults in recovery.

I thought I would have to defend their choices, their hard work, their character:

I was wrong.

As a nurse, mom and memaw- I was 100% grateful and……….

I cried.

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