Just Breathe

Hello there friends! So far 2020 has been the strangest, longest year of my life. I feel like I’ve had a lifetime of changes in one year. 

I started out the year completely consumed by stressful things in my life. I knew I needed something to be different, but I had no idea how to change the circumstances or how I dealt with things. Enter the BALM….. I was researching daily for something to make me feel better. I was praying constantly for a change and peace.

I came across a family recovery website. I still don’t know how I came across it, but I think somehow God intervened. I called the number, listened about the program and immediately joined. There was just something about knowing I would have daily support that I needed. 

I dug in and started following the principles. I learned how to care for myself, focus on myself, show other people love without conditions, let go of fear and trust in Gods plan. I learned how to set boundaries, not to control people or situations, but because I am also important and have needs. The most helpful thing I learned though is to just breathe.

Breathing has been so important over the course of the last 6 months. I have learned to take a breath when things are going well, so I can be in the moment and enjoy it. I have learned to breathe deeply when I feel anxiety starting to creep in, therefore calming by body and changing my mindset. Taking a breath when I begin to feel fearful, allows me to reset and look to the One who knows what the future holds. 

This year has been full of change. Breathing and focusing on improving myself has allowed me to stay out of fear. Breathing and trusting God has allowed me to feel a freedom in a time I normally would have felt concern, depression, anxiety and hopelessness. Breathing deeply has allowed me to appreciate the small things and the day to day blessing I receive. Breathing and feeling before I talk has allowed me to respond instead of react, this has been a major growth in my mental health. 

I just want to invite all of you to take some time each day when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, happy or sad and just breathe. Breathe in and take a moment to appreciate that feeling. Because having the ability to stop, breathe and feel means you are fully alive. Alive in this moment of uncertainty- calming yourself to make a plan. Alive in this moment of change- breathing in to decide which way your life will go. Alive in this moment of joy- to soak it in and feel the blessing. Wherever you are in life, I invite you to take a moment and just breathe- don’t take this time for granted- take it in and feel it, because tomorrow isn’t promised and what we do have is today.

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